Humanitarian Efforts - Making a Global Impact

Charidy Humanitarian works with humanitarian organizations that assist in the relief and prevention of suffering caused by crisis. We help develop campaigns for these organizations that respond in a manner that is not influenced by political, economic, or military objectives.

Raising Money For

  • Homeless Care
  • Medicine & Food For Needy
  • Human Rights Campaigns
  • Rehabilitation after disasters
  • Human rights campaigns

The Charidy Magic Touch

Charidy Humanitarian supports you with targeting potential donors and rallying them around your current campaign. However, this goes beyond logistics; Charidy will help you activate your audience, inform, mobilize, as well as excite them about your cause, and ultimilately turn them from a group of unrelated philanthropists to a strong community, creating a serious and moving impact during a humanitarian crisis.

Fundraising levels

International campaigns
$1M - $5M
$100K - $1M
Local campaign
$50K - $100K